Monday, November 11, 2013

We Are Moving (But Still in Denial)

Hi there!

This is meant to be a letter or memo, or something people use to send bad news... or good, depending on who is sending it.

So this blog, wow, it's been a while. Uum, yeah, I really don't have much to say, so I'll cut to the chase. We are moving, slowly and surely. No more funny MS Paint drawings and tales of zombies and spiders. Okay, maybe a little.

Thing is, your boy here is growing, teething, and in the process he has realized he can sink his teeth into other things. I'm now focusing more on creative writing (the serious type) and so most of my work will be posted on my new blog. For instance, today I posted a post on my experimenting with Magical Realism and also posted a new short story unfortunately titled The Cosmic Dance.

Most of my work will be posted there, but occasionally I will drop by here and throw a few lines, you know, for old time sake.

I know most of you are not pleased....

I will find you...and I will tickle you...TO DEATH!
Before you start assembling the masses and grabbing your pitch forks, here me out.... I am doing this for you.

Oh really?

You have to believe me. Look, the better I become as a writer, the more awesome things you will have to read.

Ya, I'm not buying that load of crap

No? Okay what do you want from me?


Uum, before you kill me, hey look!

See you on the other side.