Monday, November 1, 2010

A Bald Head and A Funny Song

It's probably 30 degrees outside as I write this post. I normally do not care for the weather, but today something special happened. I woke up extraordinarilly happy, shoved my matress under the bed, got ready for the day and took off. I wasn't going to let anything get in my way not even the hot Athi River sun. I grabbed the 'D & G' sun glasses that were conveniently lying on the table and cool-ly put them on, a subtle voice in my head saying, "bring it on". Basically, it was going to be a good day.

I usually have an organizational strategies class on Mondays. I shouldn't say this for fear of spoiling the credibility of our fine learning institution but I fear for future organizations. I have nothing against this particular person, but when you include giving key holders as a strategy for enhancing individuals' perception of an organization's mission and vision statement, I can't help but woder how much thought was put into that presentation. Regardless of the key holders in my head and the annoying yet entertaining presentations, I still wasn't going to let anything ruin my day.

I should mention that my organization strategies lecturer is an amazing person. She has this amazing way of putting things into perspective without even breaking a sweat. I remember how this one time I understood a concept known as Systems Thinking using a cooking pot as an analogy. Now, over the years I've come across random analogies and silly songs we sang to remember things. Remember Richard of York and the colors of the rainbow? Once she starts talking, a world is created in your mind where you can either get lost and day-dream your way to the end of class or you can build castles and civilizations and apply what the lecture is about. Today, I got lost somewhere in there.

One of my good friends cut her hair. I like that statement, it shows possibility of some hair still left and so, I will rephrase it: One of my good friends, a girl, shaved her head bald. There, that's more like it. I have nothing against ladies with short or no hair but sometimes, honestly, they push it. I recently discovered the dynamism that is people's head shapes and so every so often I find myself wondering, "If that chick cut her hair how would she look?" or "I wonder how the back of her head looks." So here I am, in class, my mind processing several million thoughts per second and then, wham! There she is head as bald as the moon.

My mind almost goes into overdrive (before I continue, let me explain overdrive: this usually happens when my mind is extremely excited. Images appear from everywhere, then numbers turn to blobby images and the the blobby images turn to light then everything turns smokey and a loud voice commands me to either take off my shirt or start singing out loud. At this time it is usually too late and all anyone can do for me is restrain me and hope for the best.)

All the questions I asked about head shapes are answered all at once so my mind is heading towards overdrive then my lecturer says something and I calm down. I think she asked me a question; or everyone in the class just decided to look at me all at the same time. Ya, that's probably it.

So all I can see is bald heads and a voice telling me to sing. The voice keeps getting louder until I shout, "what song?" (This is the amazing part about this whole ordeal. I could move my lips but no sound came out and so I conveniently had a conversation with the voice in my head after my lecturer and the rest of the class apparently got tired of looking at me blankly.) I still do not understand how I was able to separate the apparent imaginary voice from my mouth and that in my mind. So a few more bald heads and my mind could take it no more and as if on cue:

No hair, for my hair brush
No hair, for my hair brush
No hair, no hair, not fair, oh where, no hair....

As if nothing had happened, the images disappeared, the music stopped and the class ended. I walked out with a smile, an image of a bald head and a funny song. Today still is a good day.


  1. you are actually quite special..overdrive explains alot..

  2. hilarious!!! :) imaddicted to ur blog...megesh ju !ju! he he

  3. i also know of someone who shaved completely and then my gurl pal compared her to splice. they so look alike. so we call her splice from then on-i know its mean but hey. what you dont know wount hurt you.


  4. Let me tell you, I think you are, for lack of a better word, special (read "freaking out of your mind!")

  5. i always thought i would never be a fan of blogs, but voila! Ths blog just excites a part of me thats always hard to even excite negative emotions. Thanks alot for that, and alway will be a frequenter of this blog.

  6. Kefa ni wetu aaahhh wetu, kefa ni wetu hamtamweza!!!!