Friday, December 30, 2011

Lost At Inception (and a thank you note)

The year has finally come to an end, the fat big boned lady has sung. The sands in the hourglass have…you get the drift. So many things I’d have wanted to write but time, she doesn’t give a rat’s behind. I tried to squeeze in some of them in this final post, enjoy.

He stood naked at the edge of the cliff.
Let's focus on the point...ladies.

I always wanted to start a post like that. It would be a story of this young man, standing, totally naked at the end of the precipice, the world hanging mercifully at his feet, the breeze coyly kissing his bareness. A descriptive piece of literature that in the end would turn out to be an allegory of my life, how I bared it all to a crowd of strangers turned friends, a group of people who every now and then visit this blog to get whatever it is they get from my writings. Oh, and he would totally jump.
The machine’s beep was consistent. Beep, beep, beep a constant rhythm to an endless dirge. He lay there on his bed all alone in the room, in the world. His vision was blurry. He looked at the mass of light emanating from the window. All he could see was the great whiteness that seemed to beckon. He stared intently, unceasingly. He stretched his hand just high enough not to yank out the needles stuck in it. He smiled at the whiteness; the uncertainty of it gave him hope. The beeping increased in tempo, the whiteness grew bigger. The door flung open, the beeping was no longer a consistent rhythm but the frantic bickering of a machine, then the beeping stopped, the whiteness engulfed everything.
There were times when the Ayn Rand in me would have wanted to start a post like this.  I would probably start off like this, write about the uncertainty that was when I moved out. How everything I clang on withered and died, well except my mum and God…the whiteness that was. He dies though…but in death, he finds life… you’ll get it.
Did you know that shotguns make you immune to zombie attacks?
Looks like he lost his mind.
When I started this blog I had this thing for zombies, I still do. I thought of starting off each post with a zombie fan fact. Then rumble on and on about how city council officers are like zombies, the dumb Shawn of the Dead ones that… I could go on and on…
John Wesley once said, the best of all is this, God is with us.
There are times when my faith compelled me to write about my beliefs, my faith and my relationship with God. Times like this I would think of writing about this 30 something year old man who like the baddest action hero (think Die Hard) died for me; who became my savior in one selfless act of sheer awesomeness. It wouldn’t be one of those preachy posts; I’d probably throw in some karate chops and an ‘I’ll be back!’ probably title it Die Hard for You. Oh yeah and he dies in the end… for you!
I want to kill Biko, eat his brain so that I can write like him….
...and then i'll write like you.

Okay, confession, all my posts start like that, then I just hit the backspace button and write about something else.

There are a myriad of other intros that like the above, either got killed off or just didn’t get the chance to be written. Ideas that once conceived died in the womb of processing. Others just got procrastinated off a cliff. Still, with so many things unwritten, 22 posts later I smile.
I smile because I am thankful. Thankful that I got time to write, thankful because I have an audience, thankful because in as much as some posts were just, well what’s the word, sh*t, you still had reason to come back every month wanting to give this idiot (read genius) another chance.
So this being the last post this year, like we have a choice…the year ends tomorrow, I’d like to do something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. This might get me into trouble but hey:
The production of this blog has been an amazing journey. From conception to actualization I felt like I was walking through a market, with a pen and a paper, and with no clothes. But this breezy walk of shame would not have lasted this long if it had not been for you guys. I would like to take this opportunity to mention some people who made me do this…it’s all your fault:
I would like to thank my mum and dad…not all parents are cool with their son wanting to be a writer, I mean how do they even make money to eat? I’d like to thank my close friend @Janetnyongesa for always reading, @wangeshe @mawazo_mengi @anyixbaby @twezlie @wiselar @edgicovi @felixmind for reading and sharing…and inspiring. @shiko_msa for creating the impression that the whole of Mombasa loves my blog, @truthslinger @bikozulu I want to be like you when I grow up, @iannjuguna @princcessnereah @sheda @loiawat @jixvix @mokeira @linalacrosse there is life outside the big blue gates, @shizmoe @lynnsheri @kandutsie for the comments…and love, @beury17 for the music, salute. @Almondia amazing pastor and writer, keep on @pastor_wa, man of God, thank you. @sirlotan @bush254 @muryokih @songiijay @macharia_m we have to make it. @Blogs_kenya for spreading the word, @missnaynay87 @nonzzle it’s just a matter of writing, @njerithande @ngendo87 @njeewy the spices of my life @warugzgachuhi mama twins… you are my hero, @lilianokado, best boss in the world, @justaband, best band in the world, @ericwainaina best album in the world, all my subscribers, thank you, Girlfriend, for letting me, and God who I believe sent his son Jesus Christ to die for me, so that I can write and worship Him. To all those I haven’t mentioned, thank you.
I always wanted to write an appreciation post like they always do on album covers. Happy holidays my friends, and a happy New Year!!! See you on the other side.